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Re: Query for one and all about CCG's

I don't collect any of those, but I do collect the Star Wars CCG and the X-
Files CCG(which is out of print but you canget easy access to).  Unfortunately
I don't really have anyone to play with so I just collect them in binders.


In a message dated 4/1/99 10:50:11 AM Central Standard Time,
ton610@hotmail.com writes:

> I have been curious for a while as whether or not others on the list 
>  collect any of the CCG's on the market.  All those who do could do some 
>  pretty good trading while feeling pretty confident that they would not 
>  get 'ripped off'.
>  Anyway, to start the mulch ball rolling, I collect Magic (but not since 
>  Tempest), Star Trek TNG and TOS, Netrunner, Shadowfist and Monty Python.  
>  I also have the Groo Game w/ expansion.
>  Just wondering,
>  Tony D.  -aka Grundor