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Re: Groopapalooza?

> ME: Someone's list of great comics is just someone's list.  It's silly
> to attach too much significance to it...and sillier to get upset that
> it isn't the same list you would have made.

Well, yeah, of course the whole concept of such a list is silly, but
sometimes I'm a silly person (no one ever noticed THAT before, did ya?)

Re:  Palindromes:  Trying to think of them gives me a headache.  I'm gonna
stick with Bob, Otto, and when I'm really feeling bold, racecar.   btw,
TGDan, I like the Ono one and I have never heard the story behind
abracadabra before.  Cool.  

Re: Tonight:  I've never done the chat room thing before, so I assume there
are instructions at Josh's site.  

Groo Plate Update (I'm much better at rhymes than I am at palindromes-but
then I understand that making up rhymes is the first thing Gorillas and
Chimps do when they are taught words.)     I've driven my car 10 miles with
the Groo license plates on and it still runs. So I think I at least beat
Larry's record.  

See ya all tonight!  Take care -Gary G.