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Re: Kenner Announces Groo Action Figures


> .  To publicize the new line, Kenner will give away a special, limited
> edition Groo action figure t-shirt designed by Aragones to the first 500
> customers to
> access the Groo section on Kenner's web site.  The web address is:
> http://www.kenner.com/aprilfoolsday/gotcha
> Mike S.

Nice one Mike.  Even if no one else will admit it;  I took the bait like a
Groo-fish going for a plastic worm.  I hit the URL as fast as Groo swings
swords as soon as I read the 500 lucky sooners line.  But considering that
I'm the one who asked the Groo list where to find the Troplotz story maybe
this wasn't surprising.  I think I have to lower my gullibility index a few
I agree with Kevin.  It is encephalitis.  (Malaysia's pig epidemic)