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Awards - IMPT! instructions

I'm going to be uploading the impt. files to the awards site in just a
couple hours. If you've been there recently, please hit "reload" on your
browser when you get to the main page just in case your browser keeps
the OLD info from before. If you haven't explored the rest of the site
(GASP!!), enjoy yourself...there are links to Groo pages AND Groop
member pages, credits to the incredible/amazing/fantastic/humble/suffice
it to say "not so bad" team of people who put it all together, the
awards themselves, and of course the scintillating commentary by Piekos
& Hall! :)

If for SOME reason you don't know the URL, like you've been living under
a rock or in Malaysia or something, here it is:


See you all at the awards & the chat after!!