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Woodstock?  I'm so old I CAN'T remember Woodstock.  Actually, I'm lying.  But 
it was a good line.

No a diphthong isn't one of those mutant siamese letters.  It's, you know, 
it's one of those things!  Actually its a certain sound that changes from one 
vowel sound to another (like an umlaut). 

I had chilifries tonight. They were pretty good.  You know what I like about 
chili?  When you cover it in saranwrap & put it in THE microwave THE 
saranwrap bubbles up like a dome.  What I don't like about chilifries is I 
have to find THE spatula (or whatever that metal diggy deal is.  You know, 
THE thing you flip burgers with) every time I make them.

Mark says THE Pal -n - Drumm / Palindrome thing ISN'T a coincidence.  He also 
says he sent me some Groo cards. THANK YOU MARK!!


PS:  I say we eliminate THE word "THE" from THE English language.  It's a 
useless appendage, like thumbs.

PPS:  It really is too bad about gravity.

PPPS:  Wow!  What a lot of words to say nothing!  This is really stretching 
the "non-Groo topic" rule a little too far.  Especially since I myself hate 
long emails.

Ah, to be young and foolish! Instead of old and foolish!