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Re: hey, chett (& kev's a bad boy!!)

On Fri, 2 Apr 1999, Concetta Giusti wrote:

>     It was interesting to "see" everyone in the chat room last night.
> I did bail out early but thankfully there is a certain section called 
> "archives" (KEVIN!!! I'm SHOCKED!!!)

I don't know what came over me!! Usually I'm such a "nice" guy. You 
couldn't squeeze a double entendre or innuendo out of me no matter how 
hard you tried...I just snapped somehow! I feel bad too, 'cause I think 
we/I scared poor Gary off, who of course constituted almost half the 
winners last night!! :) Anyway, it was nice to see you too, Chett!! 
PLEASE vouch to the Groop for me from the East Coast Groop gathering a 
while back that I'm usually MUCH more well-behaved!! :)

> ~~~Chett, ~~who has been lurking in the background for far too long~~

Hear! Hear! You should be careful though, Chett, the Groop (like Groo) 
can do strange things to you!! Adios for now.