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Groo Mystery Solved (sort of)

Hi Folks!

First I'd like to thank everyone again who voted for me and also thanks to
Nate, Kevin, Lia, and Magnus for all their work.  They did a fabulous job!
I can't believe I won four awards.    

Eduardo, I got your money today.  Thanks.

Hmmm.  Maybe I shouldn't have put those two messages together.

Ebay Browsers:  That IG card Sheet currently on ebay is, indeed, one of 25
that were made up for Sergio by Wild Storm. You can lift up the art work by
the various artists, which are on one clear plastic cell, and see just the
backgrounds.  It's pretty cool.  Sergio was selling them a year ago for $50
when I first met him in Vancouver and he still had a few left in August at
San Diego.  (I bought one for MAD-Andy)  I can't understand why the person
would want to sell it, but obviously since there are only 25, it's worth
whatever anyone is willing to pay.  

On that subject, there is also a legitimate piece of Original Sergio Groo
art for sale.  At least it looks to me like a piece Sergio sold rather than
a sketch he did for free.  The price is already up to over a $100 (a very
reasonable price, but it's still a lot of money!) plus one of the ebay
super rich regulars is bidding on it.  Ultraman009 is a very well off grad
student at Stanford with very deep pockets (He paid $1200 for a Eddie
Murray baseball card!)  He and "repi" are responsible for a number of Groo
items going for ludicrous prices, especially when they both want the same
thing.  Repi is an apparently very well off gentleman from Spain.       

Ok, now the Groo Sighting  Mystery.

A while back, Mike S., major league Sergio and MAD fan, came across an
advertisement for a Groo T-Shirt that no one had ever seen in an obscure
self-published MAD Fanzine called "MAD Panic" issue #13, from May, 1992.  
Eventually, I figured out that the art on the T-Shirt in the ad was from
the Groo Chronicles Hardback Edition; the one with Groo and Rufferto in the
foreground and a couple dozen other significant characters in the
background.  It's a cool piece, perfect for a great T-Shirt..  Problem is,
Mark didn't remember a proposed T-Shirt using it, nor did Sergio, or any of
the folks at Graphitti Designs! Well, I thought I would at least track down
where it was first advertised, which according the MAD Panic publisher
was"Advance Comics"  (formerly a competitor of "Previews"), but he didn't
remember which issue.  Well, I found in the June, 1992 edition.  You see,
even though it's the June edition, it probably came out in late April,
giving the MAD Panic publisher plenty of time to put it in his May

So even though the mystery of why no one can remmeber it and why it wasn't
made into the great T-shirt it would have been has not been solved, at
least we know it was actually advertised in one of the two major
distribution catalogues and when.    

Technically there is no original art in the ad, but the story is so
bizaare, I'm going to keep the ad for "The T-Shirt That Wasn't"  on the
Groo list.  So you folks who are maintaining your own copy, replace OOGA
item #58 with the following:  (This won't come out well on e-mail, but
you'll know what to do)  

Advance Comics     Vol. III	   #42	Cap.City Com.	Jun.	1992-Page 137, Groo &
Co. Ad. Not Produced T-Shirt(Art fr.Chron)

OK, enough tedium.  Thanks again everybody Take care ?Gary G.  

Hey, what's that?  Oh NO!  The Title Maidens have figured out where I live!
 Ah!! I gotta duck out the back.