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Thursday nite festivities

Well gang, a fun time was had by all. I'm just now recovering from the
party last night and my vision is back to single vision, so I can send
emails again.

First, I'd like to congratulate Gary for his sweep of the awards. With his
antics on stage, I thought we were seeing Roberto Benigni again, except
Roberto was MUCH more subdued. Anyway, congrats Gary; you deserve it.

Second, kudos to the committee (Kevin, Nate, Lia, Magnus). You did a
masterful job on the site and created a wonderfully entertaing affair. The
hall (not Kevin) was gorgeous, the food sumptuous (even what was spilled on
me), and the entertainment lively. Kevin and Nate, I thought the commentary
was brilliant! I laughed all the way through it.

The party in the chat room after the presentations was great fun, but Gary,
Nate, Kevin, Tony, and whoever else bugged out, you guys missed the best
part. TGD and I were commiserating with each other about our total lack of
Title Maidens when we had the briliant idea of meeting the gals who had
handed out the trophies. Anyway, we tracked them down (they were still
cowering in the wreckage of their dressing room) and after assuring them
that Gary's wife had indeed taken him home, we continued the party. You
guys sure missed it! At about 3AM, being older than Dan and not really able
to handle drink very well, I excused myself to find my way home. The last I
saw of Dan, he was waltzing down the street, singing songs by the Barenaked
Ladies at the top of his lungs with his arms over the shoulders of two
Title Maidens. (Being considerably shorter than they were, his feet were
dangling a number of inches off the ground) I heard him suggest that they
all go to Washington to visit Gary.

So, after a day-long headache, I finally write to say, "Thanks for the
party!" It was great. I'm glad, though, that we only do it once a year. I
gotta go take some more Tylenol.