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Hi guys/grrls!

Bubble wrote:
> I've been having trouble accessing the whole archive.
> Can anyone send me the whole conversation that occured during the
> post-groop award ceremony?

>From http://members.xoom.com/thegroop :


Hollyworld Tonight!! 
The glamour & spectacle of the 1999 Groop Awards! 

Well ladies and gentlemen, that wraps up the first ever Groop
Awards. It was quite a night. I'd like to thank my co-host, Kevin Hall
for not touching me once during this whole broadcast. 

{Can I touch you after the broadcast?} 

{Sure.} Ahem...I think we can all agree that it was quite an event.
The creme de la creme of the creme-filled creme puffs were here.
You know, Kev...can I call you "Kev"? 


Great! So, you know, Kev, it was quite nice to see the "Rodent &
Semi-Rodent table" get along so well. I thought for sure Unirabbit was
going to snack on Demon Squirrel's tail. Oh! And didn't she look
smashing in her orange and plaid sequined dress?! 

She certainly did!! I believe that's the first time I've ever seen
plaid done in sequins! You must admit though, there was a little
tension when she
                                     went up to get her Arba for fried 
squirrel...although the rodents sitting on
                                     their tails & refusing to applaud 
was a milder reaction than I expected.
                                     How 'bout ol' Gary "dessesbo" 
Grossmann??! 4 ruffies including the
                                     coveted Rufferto. I guess the Groop 
made it clear who the big winner was
                                     tonight, eh? 

                                     Oh yes, did you see the size of 
thing?! With all the saurkraut and meat sauce, I've never seen a weiner
that big! I thought it was a bit distasteful for the art director to use 
that as a
stage set especially when that big glob splashed all over Chris 

NATE!! Nate, I was talking about the big "winner" at tonight's ceremony!
NOT the big "weiner"! 

Winner? Oh sure. Yeah, Grossmann. Yeah, he's ah.. good. mhhm. 

'Sides, Chris didn't seem to mind...just scooped the stuff up & added it 
his cheese dip! So, Nate, did you notice some of the incredible 
we had show up tonight for this premiere Groop event?!! I saw Usagi over
in the corner with Bunny & Unirabbit... 

Yes... in fact I think they left together... hmmm. Other guests tonight 
included the cast from Louder Than Words,
and even some representatives from the DC and Marvel crowd. Many of you 
remember early on in the night
when Wolverine was escorted from the lobbey after alleged drunk and 
disorderly. (That poor usher's gonna feel
*that* tomorrow!) And of course, who could forget those Green Lantern 
Corps storming the stage stark naked
(except for the rings) with "MARVEL SUCKS" written across their 
buttocks. Kev, it truly was an amazing
evening. I myself won one 2 Ruffies. Imagine that. I'm a host, Academy 
Member, and a 2 time winner. I must be
spectacularly talented, or very well connected. And my, look how white 
and shiny my teeth are. 

Hmmm...you are on the academy, aren't you? (Lia, magnus, did you guys 
double check those vote
counts??)...ahem, anyway, I am impressed with your knowledge of 
xenobiology, Nate, I couldn't even tell that
some of those Corps members had buttocks! I think the highlight of the 
evening for me was when Tracy came
up to read Larry's speech for him...if only he hadn't gotten a Groo 
plate & named his computer "Groo", he
might have been able to accept in person! 

Well, that about wraps things up from the Arcadio Dome. Join us next 
year for more ridiculous awards probably
given to the same people. This is Nate Piekos... 

... and Kevin Hall, saying "much mulch and cheesedip to you!" 

Stop touching me. 

I'm not touching you, you're touching me!! MOM!! Nate's touching me! 
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