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I Grooed!

Hi Folks!

OK, first things first.  I was not scared off in the chat room by the,
shall we say, ribald humor.  I went to high school and college in the 60's
and 70's and I've raised or am raising 3 kids. Nothing can scare me off!  I
simply had other duties to attend to.  I've never done a chat room before. 
It was wierd because two or three conversations were going at the same time
and since I type so slow and look at the key board while I'm doing it, I'm
even further behind the flow (big surprise) .  But it was fun!  

Remember just a short time ago we were discussing the
pulled-from-the-pack-signed cards vs.the signed-at-a-convention cards? 
Well, I hadn't pulled a signed card from a pack.  Or at least I didn't
think I had. See, when I open packs these days, I don't often look at the
front of the card because I was looking for certain numbers or IG cards. 
This is pretty stupid, I know.  So today I'm looking for some cards whose
art would make a good book marker and I come across a signed card!!  (#120)
   I couldn't believe it!  (couldn't believe I had one and I couldn't
believe I'd had for months without knowing it!)

And I'm still not putting pulled-out-of-the-pack signed cards on the Groo
list, although I have taken Mike's suggestion and noted their existance.  

Hmmm.  Well this is another dull and boring post.  Can't think of one Title
Maiden Joke.  I'm sure glad Chris and TGD had a good time.  You poor single
guys need to have fun occaisionally.  

Take care all -Gary G.