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MULCH! Probs?

Hi all.  Daniel Bron said he can't read any of the comics on the MULCH!
section of the HoM.  Even at different res. etc.  Is anyone else having
this prob?

Bubble's pages are large in file size.  She wasn't expecting to have them
on the net.  And single-panel or strip style comics aree much better for
net viewing than actual page-style comics. Because of the page size vs.
text size problem.  But I tried to make the dialogue as big as possible.
She did some "marginal" author comments (which she stole from TWE, and I
stole from Johnny the Homicidal Maniac ; )  But those are so small you
probably wouldn't have been able to read them even if I had chopped the
comic up into panel by panel style (which really takes away from the
overall page design.  Perhaps that's what Dan meant... is it just the
marginal comments you can't read Dan?

~Nate P.~ I take it from your silence that everyone was as impressed with
"DEATH OF SOME CHAT ROOM" as I was. ; (  I think I might even just get rid
of that one all together.  Can't win em all.