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My Groo hat mentioned in Ethics

You read right.  The story's kinda long, but bear with me.
	While I was attending my Ethics class in college, my Groo hat got 
mentioned.  We were talking about a theory called Ethical Egoism(not that 
complicated, but too complicated to explain here), and we started talking 
about our moral obligations.  He started with the obvious, saying if we 
brought a starving child from argentina in the room with us, (and for some 
reason that day we had all brought sack lunches), after we were finished and 
had left overs, we had an obligation to feed her (most people said that they 
would feed her before they ate, but then I would be going off on a tangent).  
Anyways, he proceeded to explain that we have a moral obligation to that 
child even if she was back in Argentina.
This is when he mentioned my hat.  He asked me what king of hat I was 
wearing, and how much it cost.  He said that if I didn't buy this hat, but 
instead bought a regular hat with nothing on it, I could give the money from 
the difference to give to charity and feed that starving child.  But then 
that could be said about virtually anything anybody was wearing.  The point 
of this story?  None really, except that I got my teacher to say "Groo" about 
four times in my class!  And he mentioned again in the next class, saying 
something to the effect of "Still wearing that Groo hat I see" in a joking 

Hope ya have a happy easter