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Cream of Wheat

Nope, I meant I couldn't read the dialog.  Maybe it's my color settings?  I 
have it set to True Color.  I didn't bother changing that, 'cause I didn't 
think it would make a difference.  Hold on, I'll try now (it'll add to the 
realism-effect if you actually wait a minute or two before reading the next 


Nope, didn't work.  Oh, well.  Can someone just tell me what they say?  Just 
read it off the comics and type it into an email.

Hey!  This is the world's first real-time email with real wait-tek (© ? ®) 
temporal technology.

What's this "Aragonés 3D" book I keep seeing on Ebay?  Ruben told me about 
it, but I'd like to know more.  Is it rare?  Does anyone here have it?  Is it 
good, moreso than Sergio's regular work?  Is anyone here interested in 
selling me one?

All I can say about the post celebratory after-party party Chris and I had is 
that it appears that it was a good thing there were three of me (and in a 
couplea' months there could be a few more).  

My spell-checker now suggests "Groo" as a replacement for all words.  This is 
probably because I added it to the 'checker's lexicon, so that it'd stop 
bothering me about the word "Groo", but it's still funny.  I nominate myself 
for the second annual Groo Award for Best Grooism.  I mean, how many type 
"Groo" so often it that it is necessary to add it to the dictionary?  

Here's a new Groop project:  getting the word "Groo" added to a REAL 
dictionary.  I personally will give my ENTIRE Groo collection (I mean 
EVERYTHING) to the person who gets "Groo" [or an associated word which is not 
already in the dictionary] added to a real, legitimate dictionary.  In 
addition, I will finance for a YEAR anyone's Groo collecting who gets "Groo" 
put into the OED.  Maybe there should be a "pot" for anyone who does, with 
everyone throwing some piece of Grooiphinalia into the pot.  


PS:  I think I just figured out what an "Title Maiden" is: one of those 
scantily clad babes Sergio draws below the credits on the title/splash pages 
of Groo, right?
PPS:  Ok, Ok, so we all know Uni should the Groo award win for getting two 
tons of mulch dumped on her front yard, but still......
PPPS:  How about that?  I have more post script than script.  Well, 
technically postscript IS script, but still.....
PPPPS:  Actually when I wrote that last PS, I had a lot more post script, but 
it was all TOO silly, so I deleted it.
PPPPPS:  How about I get an award for being the only Grooper to do drafts of 
his email? [See 4PS]