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OK, a few of you said that Bubble's comic is hard to read.  Here's what
it's NOT:

It's not the type of file (a JPG is just as good as a GIF in most cases.)

It's not me.   I can see and read all the **dialogue** clear as day  at
600x800. (can't read the marginal comments -- you're not supposed to.)

I cannot increase the graphic size of the pages because they're already
upwards of 120k each and making them bigger would mean you'd have to sit
there and wait a 1/2 hour to load each of them.

Please be specific, is it the marginal stuff you can't read or is it the
dialogue balloons?  I KNOW you can't read the marginals.  I would have to
increase the files to a billion-k for you to read those.   But if you're
having trouble reading the dialogue balloons, I have to completely start
over from scratch... and if that's the case then that means all the MULCH!
comics from now on will have to be massive files... and that means, I'm
going to discontinue MULCH!.

~Nate P.~ Sorry if I sound a little pissy.  It's just one of those days...
one of those days when I could end up on the evening news...
Nate Piekos       nate@piekosarts.com

     AKF COMICS!