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Re: Hell...oh,

I don't hate Umberto. How could I hate someone so closely related to

By the way...My computer's gone! *sob* So now I have to access my e-mail
at work. I finally got to look at the awards site today, and I LOVED
IT!  I laughed so hard at Gary's antics that one of the stuffy, staid
lawyers came out of his office and yelled at me. That's my life as a
'professional' paralegal.

Bye, now!

Unirabbit, Bold Slayer of Defenseless Horses

P.S. I was quite surprised to come in as runner up on the nicknames. I
voted for Demon Squirrel. (was that a faux pas, to say who I voted for?)

Squirrel wrote:

>  So how was the awards? Did I win anything? Didn´t think soo.... you
> all hate Umberto. Squirrel
>  " When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced.
>  Live so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice"
> Squirrel 3:16