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Fanboy, G&R, etc.

Hi Folks!

First off, Bubbles' comic is great!  Yea Bubble!  Man, we have so many
talented artists in the Groop!  Kind of makes me, "Mr. Stick Figures", feel
pretty pathetic.  Which remindsme.....

The guy who sent out the "Comic Code Illustrated" Minicomic with the
drawing of a boy Groo by Sergio also did a great little take off on Scott
McCloud's "Understanding Comics"  called "Understanding Minicomics"  It is
very funny and is done entirely with stick figures, so I guess there is

I have really been enjoying FANBOY. (Is it supposed to be all caps?) I
thought the first issue was fun, but I didn't know where it could go, other
than more of the same.  Silly me!  I liked the second issue better than the
first.  The simul-dream was cool.  And I think the third issue is the best
so far.  I really like the way Mark is incorporating the different aspects
of the heroes and the artwork into the story.  All that different artwork
is fun.  I also like the way Finster talks to the audience and I love the
extension of that in the back.  And, of course, Sergio's art is fun to look
at with a fine tooth comb so you don't miss any of the gags!  btw, Someone
mentioned Sergio waving to the crowd.  In the same panel, Mark and Carolyn
Kelly are walking down the street.  (At least it better be Carolyn, or Mark
is in big trouble!)  I can't wait for the next issue!  

Groo & Rufferto is great too!  (What did you expect me to say?) I really am
enjoying Rufferto's culture shock and the pointing out of how silly we can
look to someone coming from a different world.  Rufferto works in the 20th
century because he's a dog and so no matter what he's thinking, he fits in.
 Groo in the 20 century would not work.  After the way I bombed out in
predicting the outcome of the last series, I've learned my lesson and won't
hazard any guesses on this one.  But, it wouldn't surprise me if the King
got transported with all his gold into the 20th century and then got nailed
by the IRS or something similar.  (This is not a "guess", its an
"It-wouldn't-surpise-me-if".  That means if it doesn't happen I'm not
wrong, but if it does happen, I'm not right.  Of course, people have been
saying I'm "not right" for years.)  

Oh, yeah, I was sucked in for about two-thirds of Mike's April Fools joke. 
Then I started wondering why Mark hadn't told us about them.  Then the
first 500 thing seemed too wierd and then the site address confirmed it.
But he did get me awfully excited for a couple minutes!   Mike, you're a
bum!  (This is what April Fool Joksters want to hear)  

Oh yeah 2, Mostly the Groo stuff on ebay is Groo comics and such. But as
has been said, some stuff pops up that is misrepresnted to one degree or
another.  Well for all you newbies, if you have any questions about
anything Groo or Sergio that pops up and what is a decnt price, just ask
the Groop.  Someone will know, I guarentee.  

And finally,  I Still Need To Figure Out Where That 1994 Drawing of Mark &
Friends Recently Reprinted In "Comic Book Market Place" Originally Came
From!   Bob? Ruben?  A Lurker?  Glory & Prizes Await!  

OK, there are some topics for discussion.  Take care all -Gary G.