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That'sa me, who'sa you?


I got my Groo cards today, and even though I didn't have a single extra to 
send in, Mark sent me all the cards I was missing, even though it was a 
truckload.  He even expended $.23 of his own moolah on a stamp.  Sorry about 
that Mark, I should've guessed.  I mailed you a stamp to make up for it. To 
make sure it didn't get lost, I attached it right to the outside of the 
envelope.  I..oh, wait..  Hold on now, I can fix this:  I'll mail you a check 
for the $.23 stamp, and all it'll cost you to deposit it is $.25.  
I..oh,wait... OK, OK, seriously, You can come pick up the $.23 in cold hard 
cash, and all it'll cost you is $3000 for airfare. I..oh,wait..

The new cards are exciting.  It answered the question of my last email of 
what a "Title Maiden" is.  Cool.  I do have one concern, however.  Card #32 
refers to a "Troplotz" which appeared in Groo Special #2.  What is that?!!  I 
know what Special #1 was, that thing by Eclipse, I have one of those.  But 
what the heck is Groo Special #2?  I've never heard of it, and I lost Gary's 
Grooiography.  Is it hard to find? I bet I know what it is.  It's a "Special 
Limited Edition" comic which is 99.44% pure reprint (which you've already 
read), and .56% (don't comment on my math, please) new art.  Which of course, 
forces you to buy the entire $40.00 thing. Right?  I usually don't feel this 
way about Groo comics but:  Grrr.

I also have a question about the Groo Game:

If you bought both the game & the expansion set, are you guaranteed to have 
gotten ALL the cards in the game?  I mean, I wouldn't have to buy multiple 
expansion sets in order to get all the cards, would I?


PS  I'm way to worked up to think up an entertaining post script.  Next time, 
I promise.

Hey!  Did you know there's meat in these things?