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Re: That'sa me, who'sa you?

Hi TG Dan!
> The new cards are exciting.  It answered the question of my last email of

> what a "Title Maiden" is.  Cool.  I do have one concern, however.  Card
> refers to a "Troplotz" which appeared in Groo Special #2.  What is

The Groo Special #2 is just like Mike's action figures. It doesn't exist. 
There is another card, whose number escapes me, whose text is written in
Pig Latin and which tells you that the info in #32 is bogus.   

> I also have a question about the Groo Game:
> If you bought both the game & the expansion set, are you guaranteed to
> gotten ALL the cards in the game?  I mean, I wouldn't have to buy
> expansion sets in order to get all the cards, would I?

When you buy both sets, you have all the cards.  

Take care -Gary G.