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Re: Bubble Bits

Nate Piekos wrote:
> OK, here's the translation of Bubble's "author comments" from DINNER AT
> UNI'S P.1  print this out, go to the HoM
> http://www.piekosarts.com/mendicants/hom1.html  and read along.....
> PAGE 1
> (Above large bottom panel)
> "I'm really not used to drawing on short bond, more like half of.  This is
> why I have to make do with misleading FILLER.  Did you err?"  
(Bubble: The word is...filler.)

> PAGE 2
> (between panels 2 and 3)
> "So no, it isn't becasue I can't draw people walking,  it's just that it
> takes up too much space. Yep, *space* again.  Uh, space: the final
> frontier, the final frontier. AHURM. 
(Bubble: It's not a secret message. It's nothing. It's just, well,
Ahurm. Whatever that means. I thought it sounded cool at the time.
> "This wicker background courtesy of TWE5.  The letter I and the apostrophe > s'. 
(Bubble: I know I made some sort of grammatical error or something here.
But don't I always?)
> My pen is bleeding, eww!"
(Bubble: It was. I had ink all over my finger.)
So that covers what nate couldn't figure out.
I know some of you would want a hard copy of the 4-pager. I could go and
photocopy it, I guess. But then it wouldn't have all the neat and nice
computer lettering that nate did. Plus, the touch-up jokes would be
(And there really isn't any assurance that you'll be able to read the
small comments either.) 

I'm happy that some of you liked it. 
So maybe I can continue making MULCH comics, but this time one to three
panel joke things. (Or maybe something like the spiderman dailies?)