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The Troplotz explained

>>>The new cards are exciting.  It answered the question of my last email of 
>>>what a "Title Maiden" is.  Cool.  I do have one concern, however.  Card #32
>>>refers to a "Troplotz" which appeared in Groo Special #2.  What is that?!! 
>>ME: Someone explain this to him.
>Groo Special #2 is really a super limited variant of Groo Special #1.  The
>main differences are that it has a different cover, different numbering,
>different interior, different story, but the same jokes.
>OK, you caught me.  Actually the Troplotz never existed.  It was a way for
>Sergio to have a little fun within the card set (or should I say a little
>more fun because the whole thing is fun).  So it is a red herring (not the
>Troplotz, the card) to get people to ask the question "Did I miss an issue?"
>Congratulations.  You have played the game perfectly.
>Jeff "Troplotz is not my middle name" K