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Malaysian Groo T shirt

Luis Garcia

Your T shirts are with me,  You can make the payment now and then inform
me or if you've made the payment, please inform me also, so that I can
send your T shirt.  If you want to cancel the order, please inform me so
that I can allocate those T shirt to my 2nd batch order.  I give you
till at th end of April.  After that I will put it on ebay.  (starting
bid = US10.00).

The Malaysian Grooper, the Groo trooper

ps1. Redding (ReddingJM@aol.com) please give me your real name and your
ps2.  Anybody named Willie and ordered a Malaysian Groo T shirt from
me?  Please give your name and address to me.  (please confirm your
order and make the payment so that I can send you the T shirt to you)