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Re: What is Mulch?

At 10:58 PM 4/7/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi guys/grrls!

>Anyway, that's not what this email is about.  Uh,
>I thinketh it would help if the Home of Mendicants
>page had an HTML title, 

~~~ Uh, Eric.  It's always had a title tag in the HTML.  On every page.
Check the source codes for yourself.  

In other HoM news, I've recieved about 3-4 e-mails from people who've
*just* joined (I mean within hours) who haven't posted yet at all, etc. but
who want to be in the HoM GROOP section.  And just to recap, here's what I
figure is a good rule:

1) You have to be on the list for at least 1 month.
2) You have to post occaisionally.
3) You have to send me a completed version of the basic form seen in the bios.

This way, newbies who decide they don't like this list, don't get a bio and
then split, never to be seen again.  People have also been sending me mail
like, "my name is XXX and I want to be listed on the Groop bios." (I can't
list you unless you fill out the "form".)  OK?  (Yes, I am a hardass about
this, but  as in life, it has to be done well, or not at all.)


~Nate "Tyrannical" Urinetoast
Nate Piekos            nate@piekosarts.com