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Re: What is Mulch?

I go ahead and add it to my favorites or bookmarks anyway then go in 
and edit the code in the bookmark/favorite properties ( just 
highlight the desired bookmark and right mouse click, then chose 
properties).  You would delete out the first part of the code in the 
address until the 2nd http.  Then there are usually three characters 
(a number, a % sign, then a lower case letter) representing the \, : 
and .  Substitute the correct \ or : or . for the corrosponding three 
symbols and ,voila, no more "come back soon" bar.  It looks like it 
was meant to.  I will also change the name of the bookmark when I am 
setting it as well, or it will read "come back soon".  Just a little 
way around the funky code.
Tony (spent way too much time figuring this out) D.

----Original Message Follows----
From: "Eric Chun" <ericchun@hotmail.com>

Anyway, that's not what this email is about.  Uh,
I thinketh it would help if the Home of Mendicants
page had an HTML title, so that we can bookmark it
easier.  If it has a title, then the title will
show up in our list of "bookmarks" (for us Netscape
users) and in our list of "favorites" (for us
Internet Exploder users, uh, I mean Internet
Explorer users).  Otherwise, without a title, it
will just say "Come back soon" in the bookmarks /
favorites.  The title also shows up at the very
top left of your windows.

It's really simple.  Just add something like this
to the HTML code:

<title>House of Mendicats</title>

See you.


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