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Pal-n-Drumm Contest.

Well, here are all the entries (me thinks) I received for the fabulous
Pal-n-Drumm (Palindrome) contest:

David & Jenny Perrey <perreys@sprintmail.com>:
        Team war meet Groo. Oorg! Teem raw meat!

"Dan LaLande" <jlalande@jeffnet.org>:
        Noitaz in a Groo? not to no organization.
        Gru bared no snug guns on Dareburg

"Josh 'Moist Fork' Jones" <josh@newdream.net>
        Ten animals I slam in a net!

        "Lives in a Groo no organ is evil"
	Ono or Groo?  No! (needs two G's)

	Ana, Groo no organa! (organa is plural for organon which means a
thinking device)

"Sean McCoy" <woodchuck777@hotmail.com>
	Sage no one gas 

Thanks to everyone who tried to come up with something, and especially
those that did.  The best I did was "Groo is good do ogsi oor g."  
Well, it certainly was difficult to pick a winner -- so I'm wimping out
and picking TWO winners.  I liked best:

Team war meet Groo. Oorg! Teem raw meat!
"Lives in a Groo no organ is evil"

Congratulations Dave & Jenny Perry and DanielBron!!! You must be very
proud and happy to win this prestigious Flash Groop Contest.  Please
send me your snail mail addresses, and I'll send your cheesey prizes off