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Fanboy #5 in CSN; Groo in Overstreet

     An article, with illustration, previewing Fanboy No. 5 appears in 
     Comic Shop News No. 616 out today.  Aragones and Evanier will be 
     joined by Kane, Sprang, Mooney, Giella, Adams, Miller, and Timm in an 
     issue that will feature Batman and Finster (as Robin?).  
     Also out today is the new Overstreet Price Guide.  Pacific Comics Groo 
     No. 1 is listed at $15.00 in NM condition (that doesn't seem as high 
     as it was several years ago).  A B&W photo of Epic Groo No. 116 also 
     Dr. Slaubaugh - aka Mike S.