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Re: AHA! (internet lesson part 2) :)

Hi guys/grrls!

Kevin wrote:
>Or you can probably right click on the link, and say
>"open it in a new window" so it has its own window
>and isn't stuck in another frame. ANY time you get
>stuck within frames from a site that annoyingly keeps
>you in or the web programmer didn't know enough to
>send you out of, you can do that trick & then just
>close your original window.

Unfortunately, this didn't work with Hotmail.
(Hotmail is from Microsoft, you know.)  Uh, it
still sticks you within frames ...

Gary wrote:
>Right click and then gurble garble froggin' fretzen
>garber muckle. 

Unfortunately, this didn't work either ...

See you.


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