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Re: My Boss Grooed

Hi guys/grrls!

Nate wrote:
>He unrolls a site plan on my desk and is
>standing beside me talking... all of a
>sudden....... a *big green booger*
>comes flying from his nose and lands on
>the site plan with a splat.  

Deja vu!  I hate it when that happens!  It
happened to me, too.  Boss had a cold with
a -very- runny nose, and he was sniffling
and had a kleenex in hand.  Had to meet
with him for a status update in his cubicle.
While he was talking, one of those watery
types came crashing down, and since it was
watery, it extended around 8 inches or so
before he could grab it with the kleenex ...

See you.


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