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Re: 1 Sunny Afternoon


Where can I get those masks you drew in the cartoon?  And those pants! 
Nobody told me there were "Groo Wear" pants.  Oh, man!!!  I gotta add those
things to the Groo List!  I gotta start trackin' um down!  Maybe they were
made in the Phillipines.  Lia, Bubble?  Malaysia.  Tommorow is already
yesterday  More things to find find find!!!! More!  Must Find!!   Groo Groo
Groo ..babble...shake....Groo .babble..babble.........

Hi Groopoes (Is that right?) This is Gary's wife.  Gary is currently under
sedation.  However, earlier today while he was still lucid, or at least as
lucid as he gets these days. he mentioned a couple things he intended to

First he said only on the Groo Line would two highly successful computer
professionals compare misplaced booger stories.  

Also, with respect to Nate claiming to be "Good", Gary said that only Chett
can make that call.  

I hope this makes more sense to you than it does to me.  And what is
Tyranical Urinetoast?  Sounds like something Marilyn Manson would eat for
breakfast.  Frankly, its getting harder and harder to tell the
difference between Gary when he's "normal" and Gary when he's completely
wacked out!  (Sigh!)  Bye bye  to all,  -Becky G.