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Re: Raptus? What is this Raptus?

>>I'll tell you. I Just don't have the time right now, I have to go
>whack some
>>witches over the head. (And with the crazy turns my life has been
>>lately, I'll probably end up actually whacking some unfortunate
>Wiccan over
>>the head.)
>I hate to tell you this Knight, But wiccans are witches.

<Debates whether to respond to this...  Ignores better judgement ;) >

Akshully, as any Wiccan can tell you, that's not a universally accepted
idea.  Of the <counts on fingers> three wiccans I know _personally_, only
one considers himself a witch.  On the rare occasion that I've seen a usenet
discussion on this topic, the split seems to be about fifty-fifty.

Basically, a witch is a wiccan who practices magic, meaning that, while all
witches are wiccans, not all wiccans are witches.  :)