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Re: Raptus? What is this Raptus?

>>>I'll tell you. I Just don't have the time right now, I have to go
>>whack some
>>>witches over the head. (And with the crazy turns my life has been
>>>lately, I'll probably end up actually whacking some unfortunate
>>Wiccan over
>>>the head.)
>>I hate to tell you this Knight, But wiccans are witches.
><Debates whether to respond to this...  Ignores better judgement ;) >
>Akshully, as any Wiccan can tell you, that's not a universally accepted
>idea.  Of the <counts on fingers> three wiccans I know _personally_, only
>one considers himself a witch.  On the rare occasion that I've seen a usenet
>discussion on this topic, the split seems to be about fifty-fifty.
>Basically, a witch is a wiccan who practices magic, meaning that, while all
>witches are wiccans, not all wiccans are witches.  :)

That's right. So there. Thanks Mike. Or should I just call you Admiral...
(like in Admiral Ackbar).

Well actually what I tried to say in a fumbling way was that I wasn't
actually going to hit a witch over the head, but that I might end up doing
it anyway without knowing it. To anyone that might think that I am some
witch-burning freak out of the Burning Years I would like to point out that
I generally like Wiccans witches or not, and I generally like those who call
themselves witches without being affiliated with any wiccca-like movements
and I havem, generally of course, only respect for those that were killed by
the Christian Church. Otherwise I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing right
now, would I? (Not that anyone of you have any clue regarding what the
Knight is up to.)

As for the time of Raptus this year, I'm not sure but a friend of mine tells
me that it is in September, probably somewhere around the tenth... (at which
time I'll probably be a nervous wreck, du to the local elections that are
being held around that time.)

Have I covered it all then?

Yup guess I have. Oh BTW I've recently installed ICQ, my number is 35538169
(I think), if any of you wants to put me up on your address list let me know.

Cheese Dip to all the Witches out there (both dead and alive), may your
trials be (or have been, as the case may be) quick and relatively torture free.

The Knight Who Says Cheese Dip

P.S. Cheese Dip

P.P.S. I've been quite talkative lately, haven't I?

P.P.P.S. Cheese Dip

P.P.P.P.S. Gotta be careful so I don't lose my lurker status

-"All right! That's it! It's gotten Silly!"
        John Cleese, Monty Python's Flying Circus