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Re: Mulch (and boogers)

Well ,
 This reminds me of one day in school, many, many moons ago-
We were at the lunch room table, and as usual, my buddy was picking away at
the nose. Well, he fished a large sringy thing out and without really
thinking flipped it away from us. Well, it happened to land right on the
star quarterbacks front tooth as he was laughing at something funny.........
as he and the cheerleading chits puked, we laughed so hard it very
difficulöt for us to get up and run for our lives.....

Wabbit..... I will only tolerate so much of you eating my folk........Gary,
is Umberto done with your a$$ yet?
 " When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced.
 Live so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice"
                                                               Squirrel 3:16
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Von: Tracy Parrow <unirabbit@bigfoot.com>
An: groop@groo.com <groop@groo.com>
Datum: Freitag, 9. April 1999 16:01
Betreff: Mulch (and boogers)

>As we have used all the mulch we had delivered last month, my husband
>asked me to call and get more (being psycho aside, we really do have a
>large yard, and we really DO need all that mulch...really....). So, I
>called and ordered more. The nice (surly) man said he could get it to me
>today (that's Friday, for all you out of time-zoners who have no idea
>what time or day of the week it is), and to leave a sign where to dump
>it. So, the point of this whole, long, boring story is...I'm the only
>Groopie(er) who has a large sign in her front yard that says: "PUT MULCH
>Also, as for booger stories: I was in the library one day with some
>friends, and we were clowning around, when all of a sudden one of them
>sneezed, a HUGE, wet, nasty booger flew out of his nose, crashed onto
>the table, and splattered us all. Yuck!!!!
>Also, Nate, it's not spelled heiney, it's spelled hinny, and pronounced
>"Hi, knee!"
>Love, from,
>Unirabbit, Winner of the Covetted Arba/Dakarba Award
>P.S. You can improve your fried squirrel by adding a little cajun
>seasoning to it.
>P.P.S. Bubble, can I PLEASE have a hard copy of dinner at Uni's??????