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on topic? pcha!

Morning/evening fellow groopeople!  This is Gabe with a few things to say.
Nate, great job all around on the Hall of Mendicants!  Bubble's comic was
hilarious.  Can't wait for the rest to come out.  And yes Nate, I will send
you a picture one of these days.  Not that the chicken picture isn't cool.
After three months at sea, we'll finally be home day after tomorrow.  Its
nice seeing the world and all the different countries I can find back issues
of Groo in, but I need to see my wife too.  Unfortunately we're pulling into
a drydick way in the back of base.  Its too long away from the front gate
and everything else!  Whine whine whine.  
I don't suppose I could convince someone to get me G&R #4 when it comes out,
could I?  I'd pay for the price and S&H.  Just askin..