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G&R #4, etc.

Hi Folks!

According to the Dark Horse website, Groo & Rufferto #4 should be out on
the 14th.  But according to my local comic book shop, who talked to
Diamond, it won't be out until at least the 21st.  

Also worth noting, the Groo Houndtooth, reprinting Epic 29-32 which
introduced the greatest dog in history (eat your heart out Rin-Tin-Tin) is
supposed to be available on May 26th.  

Nate, Re: GrooFest page on your site:  Far Out!  That will be cool.  I hope
to get the ball rolling at San Diego this year, first making sure Sergio
still likes the idea.  I had actually changed the plans for GrooFest 2002
to GrooFest 2000.(Groopapalooza 2000?)   Three and half years is just too
long!  I hope you and Chett can still make it. Maybe we can make it a
Bi-Annual event!   

Btw, I tried to check out the chat room again and all I could get was the
very bottom where you log on.  The rest of the screen was white (not
black).  Is there a problem with the chat room?  Josh?  (Beside the fact
that it's hardly ever used)

I never realized how unused the chat room is.  I know this has been tried
before, but maybe we can just establish a couple of regular meeting times
per week.  (Two times so that one time is reasonable for folks in the far
reaches of the Pacific and another time is reasonable for the folks in
Europe.  Hopefully one of them is reasonable for everyone in between.   

Squirrel:   I'm sending Umberto back in a box.  Actually 1000 little boxes.
 Each containing a quaint native bean necklace hand strung by a quaint
Native American bean stringer.  Moral: Never mess with Chipmunks on their
home turf.

OK, that's it.  Take care all -Gary G.