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Well, Vaughn, you sure succeeded in keeping the trivial chatter off the
groop. As a matter of fact, it looks like you succeeded in keeping *all*
the chatter off the groop. Hey, c'mon guys, you're not going to let
somebody intimidate you from posting, are you? My emailbox starts to moan
when I don't get a minimum of 5 posts an hour.

Now, just so Vaughn doesn't rag on me, is Fanboy #3 out yet, or were you
guys just talking about it? And when is G&R #4 due out? I called Keith's
Comics, my friendly neighborhood comic store (and Gary Grossmann's close
personal friend) and there wasn't *anything* in my box. Bummer!

Keep up the chatter, despite the dire warnings. And Kevin, are you still
watching BallyK?

Love and kisses,
The beloved Nelson Eddy
(No, it's *not* my new nickname!)