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Re: folderol, etc.

Hi Chris (and anyone else interested)!  Also Hi Kim!  

According to the Dark Horse website, Groo & Rufferto #4 should be out on
the 14th.  But according to my local comic book shop, who talked to
Diamond, it won't be out until at least the 21st.  

Whoa!  Deja vu!

Also, Fanboy #3 came out a week or two ago.  Chris, don't you remember when
we were talking about the Groo sightings in it and also when I said how
much i liked it? Ha!  So you don't read my posts!   

Someone claiming to be Nate combined two posts into one.  Who are you
really, and what have you done with our Nate?  (aka Sparky Tyranical Urine

Hey Thanks so much to Kim (Muslincrow@aol.com)  for the neat little Groo
icon.  My son replaced it as my cursur icon. No Groo's head flashes up all
the time and spins around when things are downloading How Cool!   

Re:200 K post w/ weird overlay graphic.  I agree with Nate!  (or whoever
you are.) and Dave and Jenny.  There was no point to that cumbersome post,
as any fool can plainly see.  

By for now and Take care!  -Gary G.