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folderol, flotsam, & excelsior

Great word btw Chris! On to business:

1) Nate, could you add into the FAQ the Groop's general feeling on "new"
custom Groo items. The buttons just suggested made me think it would be
nice to include that bit of info, & I don't remember you mentioning that
in your previous FAQ list. Seems like most of us who read Groo have very
creative bents & would like to create a plethora of Groo merchandise,
even if only for the Groop. :)

2) Also maybe a mention of posting large graphics, although that's
somewhat common sense as well.

3) In an effort to appease chatterers & not *just* the Groo purists:
Did you guys know that "Excelsior!" which ol' Stan Lee utilizes somewhat
like a toast at a good dinner actually means "fine curled wood shavings
used especially for packing fragile items"? :)

4) In an effort to appease the Groo purists & keep the chatterers in
line: for heaven's sake gang, create a "bodily function mailing list"!
:) Last year it was vomit, this year boogers... I realize I'm showing my
puritannical pilgrim uptight roots, but I didn't join the Groop to read
about secretions, expulsions, & other gross yechy stuff!

schechner & associates wrote:

> Keep up the chatter, despite the dire warnings. And Kevin, are you still
> watching BallyK?

I was, but about 3-4 weeks ago they showed THE episode & the one
immediately following, and it hasn't been back on the air since. I guess
they still need to purchase the next batch from BBC??