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Re: words from the muslin crow

Look I don´t wanna be all nasty or anything, but I do not want a picture
file in the emails  I get. It takes to long to download and costs me money.
Hell, if you wanna pay for my net access, then send me all the pictures you
want, until then...either ask before you send or just don´t send it the
thing. It is really a pain when this happens.

We had mr. blade awhile back, don´t be a blade crow.
oh yeah for the groo pureland movement......Groo.
Now you can´t flame me either.
 " When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced.
 Live so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice"
                                                               Squirrel 3:16
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Von: MUSLINCROW@aol.com <MUSLINCROW@aol.com>
An: groop@groo.com <groop@groo.com>
Datum: Sonntag, 11. April 1999 06:10
Betreff: words from the muslin crow

>the one that excaped......yes, i had not planned on not saying anything
>the Groo icons i was making untill i hit the 30's, and then decided just
>many there was going to be. im still waiting on Sergio's 'ok' via Mark to
>unveil them as a set, as there is a lot.
>ive figured out how to use ICQ, and i didnt have to read the instrustions
>after all. i am #3583693.., and of course im always on IRC...but not long
>tonight, and after my hair dries, im going to lie down with my eyes closed
>the dark....sleep? what's that?
>but then again my hair is very thick, so  someone may still catch me on
>tonight, just please do promise that you will let me go. like all wild
>creatures, i require my freedom.
>hopefully by the morning light we shall see.
>ps...if anyone knows anything about installing Linux..please dont hesitate
>msg me! i am slow of mind..
>and here is a lovely Groo pic for your wallpaper...i love finally having a