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Groo "No-No" org.

Hello groopers,
I visited my comic book store today and found some great groo stuff.  I
picked up his appearances in Guff and House of Mysteries, his ad in Epic
illustrated #32, and I couldn't stop myself from buying duplicate copies of
starslayer 4 and 5 cuz they're so groovy.  By the way, for any of you
old-time-groopers, how do you spell dessesbo?  I also found stan Sakai and
ME's famous comic book creater cards and bought them.  Do any of you fellow
groopers know how or where to get Sergio's card?  Would any of you like to
trade for it?
	As I was rifling through the Amazing Heroes books at the shop, I
noticed on the corner of #64 that it had Mark Evanier's name on it and it
mentioned Groo.  Inside there was an article about ME, which at one point
focused on his works on Groo. It was a cool find and I'm gunna add it to my
always grooing...I mean Growing collection dedicated to Mulch cheese dip
and the works.
	Does anyone in the groop have Groo cards who would like to trade
for comics etc. I need about half of the set and I have no extras.  I have
a Good selection of extra copies of Groo, and have access to lots of comics
(in NYC).

And lastly for reasons of palindromity, I nominate the Groop's nickname to
be The   "Groo  'No-No' org."