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YN3 Gabriel Owens wrote:

> I agree with (tm) Eric.  You oldies came down pretty hard on these new guys
> who posted jpegs.  Emailing them privately and telling them that its not
> proper groop netiquette would be a better way than blasting them in front of
> the whole newsgroup.  Please, don't turn this place into another A.T.T.
> (I've had enough of THAT).

This remind me of a fiction funny story (in Malaysia) where 3 people who are
talking while praying.  (as talking while praying is prohibited in Islam)  The
first one said "hey , there is a mouse in front of me", The second one said
"hey, do not talk while praying, your prayer will be void" and the third person
said "thank God I do not talk while praying".  The result is ,   all 3 persons'
prayer became void.  The moral is, don't do "the pot called the kettle black".
I agreed with (TM Gary) Gabe.

The Malaysian Grooper, the Groo trooper

ps  ooops, did I errrrrrrrrrr?