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Re: Facist old-timers & fun on the list :)

>On Sun, 11 Apr 1999, Squirrel wrote:
>> well i joined the list to have fun with other groo fans. i joined the list
>> to meet new people who enjoyed groo and SA´s works in general. But, i

~~~~~ I agree with DS here.  ...but even the Urinetoast has mellowed some.
I agree that if we talked all GROO all the time, we just wouldn't be *us*,
ya know?  I used to be a lot more off topic than I am now, but for the
occaisional AKF plug ( http://www.piekosarts.com/akfcomics ) and the odd
booger story, I'm trying.  (I'm even trying to consolidate posts now.)  We
are all *us* and if we weren't us, we just wouldn't be the "we" that I love
to call "us".  Complain all you want (I do.) but to try and sway someone's
tendencies is wrong. (Unless they tend to climb highrise apartments with M1
rifles and blast away at people.... but sometimes, even that's ok... I mean
if Kathy Lee Gifford or Martha Stewart is the target...)

Kev wrote:
If not for the Groop, I would have never met Nate. 

~~~ I ... I love you too man... *sniff*  just don't touch me.

>PS Finn backed off on the whole casting question, but if folks want to 
>send their ideas to me off-list? I'll be happy to put together a little 
>casting page to be added in to some site or another.

~~~ Since I'm consolidating now, I might as well put this "on-list" to save
an e-mail to Kev... I said it before and I'll say it again... Bruce
Campbell (Evil Dead Trology, Xena)  as Rufferto.  (You can hear snipets of
his voice on his site, http://www.bruce-campbell.com )  How about Matt
Frewer (Max Headroom, Pink Panther cartoon, and more animated shows that I
can't think of.)  as GROO?

~Nate "Emperor Tyrannical Consolidated Sparkplug Urinetoast"
Nate Piekos            nate@piekosarts.com