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Re: Facist old-timers & fun on the list :)

Well as fro the numerous amount of messages, I have my mail program set up
so it sorts my mails for me. All my groop mail goes to groop folder, same
with ex tians list, and errancy list that I sub to. It should be no problem
for the majority of us to set up the mail program thusly.
Kev.. I now that your post was in the best intention of your heart. So,
don´t worry. I may have been a bit blunt in response, and it was not
directed at you or any specific person here. Just my nature I geuss,
later people

You go YAHWEH I´ll go mine

Von: Kevin S Hall <khall@sunspot.ummed.edu>
An: Groop <groo-l@groo.com>
Datum: Montag, 12. April 1999 14:47
Betreff: Facist old-timers & fun on the list :)

On Sun, 11 Apr 1999, Squirrel wrote:

> well i joined the list to have fun with other groo fans. i joined the list
> to meet new people who enjoyed groo and SA´s works in general. But, i

I most humbly acknowledge the wisdom from our most demonic rodent. :) I
seriously was not trying to be a facist & clamp down on ANYTHING
non-Groo. The Groop may be tied to the roots of Groo, but we've
definitely had lots of fun on our own as well. For those who took my
words to heart on that matter, my apologies.

> post that much stuff about groo. Sorry. It´s fun and all, but come on,
> should have been some set hard rules for this list...as in no non-groo
> posts. I had fun back in the world domination threads, and other non groo

Well, as you pointed out, the Groop is about fun & friends & such. I
think we've done better than most lists just governing ourselves & NOT
having rules. Common sense & courtesy can go a long ways when they're

> post wars and such. But due to the pure groopers that all stopped almost
> entirely. i am a member of a few other list as well... this list is
> I will post non groo things. I will start silly threads, and have fun. I
> will do these things. Alot of you enjoyed this just as much as I did.
> and simple. Why not have fun again?

I would never ask you to not post non-Groo stuff, oh squirrelly one! I
was only trying to walk the tightrope of a perfect balance. There DO seem
to be 2 groups of Groopers: those that sway toward pure Grooism & a dozen
posts a week from the Groop, and those that tend toward a dozen an hour &
keeping each other in stitches. The neat thing is that they overlap here
on the Groop. The hard thing is keeping both happy. It IS tough to sort
through 100-150 posts a week just to get to the Groo stuff. And obviously
some of the Groop go stir-crazy if 6 hours goes by & noone's said
anything? We talked about a "Groo-lite" list at one point (which Mark
liked the idea of)...any other ideas? Maybe something in the subject
line? Anyone? Bueller?

Geez!! I can be long-winded! (Is this what you meant by "earnest", Gary!?
LOL) One more brief blurb, and I'll go back to the analog world for a few
days. :) If not for the Groop, I would have never met Nate. The Groop is
a blessing for things like that. My tastes vary from Nates on a *number*
of fronts! :) But not only have we become friends through the Groop, I'm
impressed by his talents, and we've even come to collaborate on a couple
projects. And I'm glad I've had the opportunity. I won't even go into the
friendships I've started up with Gary, Chris, Ruben & others whom I do a
disservice by not mentioning them all! Um...I have no idea where I was
headed with all this...guess I just felt like sharing...


PS Finn backed off on the whole casting question, but if folks want to
send their ideas to me off-list? I'll be happy to put together a little
casting page to be added in to some site or another.