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Re: Facist old-timers & fun on the list :)

My general rule of thumb when posting is that I ALWAYS consider how many
Groopies my post applies to.  If it applies to just a few folks, then I
either don't post it, or mail them privately as a group.  (the Groop
team Wizard Scavener Hunt is a good example of this)

My least favorite posts are ones where person X is communicating to
persons Y & Z about something I've never even heard about.  For example:
"Hey Alfred, the coolest episode of Carrot Grazers was when Baldy met
Chix for the first time! Pardon my off-topicness."  Such a post involves
very few folks (if any!), and they sometimes continue for several posts. 

If you use the 200 people in a room talking into the PA system analogy,
it is usually pretty easy to decide who/when to post to.  

I think a lot of these sorts of 'problems' (really just
miscommunications) could be reduced by including a FAQ with every

Just my 2 sense per usual,

Non-facist Oldest-timer Rube.