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Re: The Groo Movie

Finn Smith wrote:

> In a Perfect World, there would exist only a Groo Animated
> Feature-Length Film, but assuming there were a live action version of
> our favorite wanderer, who do you think would best portray the
> luckless barbarian?  What actors do you see playing the supporting
> cast?

	This is what the Groop came up with last Spring:

*Groo: Chris Farley, Jim Belushi, Jim Carey, Gerard Depardeau, Robin
Williams, Gary Oldman, Ken Hudson Campbell, Robert DeNiro, Terry
*Rufferto: Rufferto (who else?)
*Chakaal: Linda Evangelistra, Brigitte Neilsen, Elle Macpherson, Spicy
Williams, Linda Hamilton, 
*Sage: Dom DeLouise, Kevin Pollack, George Carlin, Leslie Neilson, Sean
*Pal: Steve Buscemi, Al Pacino, Tim Roth, 
*Drumm: Bruce Willis, Dolf Lundgren, Sylvester Stalone, Hulk Hogan, 
*Taranto: Tommy Lee Jones, Eric Idle, Bruce Campbell, 
*Minstrel: Quentin Tarantino, Adam Sandler, Eric Idle, 
*Groella: Roseanne Barr, Danny DeVito,
*Arcadio: Dolf Lundgren, Anthony Banderos, 
*Captain Ahax: Robin Williams, Don King, Stephen Wright, John Cleese,
Bruce Campbell, Richard Simmons, Leslie Neilson, Eric Stoltz, 
*Weaver: Mark Evanier
*Scribe: Stan Sakai
*Dakarba: Cindy Crawford, Laura Kitelinger, Angelica Huston, Cher, 
*Arba: Jeanne Garafalo, Roseanne Barr, Elizabeth Hurley, Danny DeVito, 

Casting Guidelines: no dead, currently-too-old, or "what's her name",
people. Add your vote to the list.  If characters *need* explaining,
please do that at the bottom of, and separate from, the list, so the
list is still readable. Thanks.

Interesting Groo-fact of the week: Chris Farley or his agent(s) were
interested in doing a movie with Farley cast as Groo.  But, for obvious
reasons, it never went much further than that.