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What exactly is a meat patty?

That Guy, You-know-who-I-mean-the (the-one-with-the-hair) Wrote:

>If you use the 200 people in a room talking into the PA system analogy,
>it is usually pretty easy to decide who/when to post to.  

I tend to think of it more as "Karaoke", except with less drunk Japanese 
businessmen.  *


* PS:  How many drunk Japanese businessmen are there on the Groop (other than 
myself) ?   

PPS:  I hate the words "lite" and "nite" and such.  Whatever happened to the 
letter 'g'?

PPPS:  Oh, by the way Alfred,  the coolest episode of Carrot Grazers was when 
Baldy met Chix for the first time! 

PPPPS:  Pardon my off-topicness.

Hey!  Did you know there's meat in these things?