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Re: movie Groo/Groo.com

At 06:10 PM 4/12/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Gary G. mentioned Chris Farley as Groo but I think the best candidate 
>so far is from Kevin (Kevin said "Gerard Depardieu").  That's a damned 
>good Groo, if you ask me . . .
>Kevin said, "he's already got the nose and hair."  Ol' Gerard's 
>physique isn't too far off, either.

~~~ OK.  Yeah, I remember Kev saying that... boy, it's weird but this
subject seems to come up once a year or so.  A newbie usually revives it,
and aparently someone ( RUben shall remain nameless) actually holds on to a
list of the candidates every time...  so I guess a good guage of your "list
history" is......"you know you're an old timer when you can remember this
topic coming up 3 times."

~~~ Well my prophecy is coming true... soon, every Groo site in existence
will contain some Piekos Arts design work! Mwahahah!  Josh Jones has placed
the facelift/lyposuction and boob job of GROO.COM in the hands of myself,
Kev Hall and Chad Riden... and today, we have begun.  Nothing for you to
see yet, we're working in secret, underground, with German military surplus
from WWII... but soon...

~Nate P.~ Guess what part of that plastic surgery *I'm* responsible for!
heh heh heh.

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