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Random Thoughts?

Hi Folks!  The concept of "thoughts" and "Groo" don't really go together,

No one seems to much want to talk about either G&R or Fanboy, which is
fine.  I just remembered that the first mini-series conjured up quite a bit
of discussion.  I'm wondering what, if anything, was behind that cryptic
message from Mark a while back that sort of maybe implied that it was a
possibility there could maybe be an action figure (and lunch box?) in the

Lets hear it for Sparky Tyrannical Urine Toast (aka Nate)  and all the work
he has done and continues to do on the Groop site.  Huzzah!!  I know its
early, but I nominate Nate for the 2000 Rufferto Groop Award.  (Gee, Nate,
if weren't always producing cool stuff for me to look at, I'd have time to
read TWE!) 

How come the most deranged member of the Groop (that's you Squirrel-you got
me beat by a smidge) is the one who sometimes makes the most sense?

I just had to get some major work done on my septic system.  It cost big
$$$$.  And all I could think of were two things:  1) That if I was suddenly
going to be that much more in debt, I would have preferred it been from
buying a bunch of Sergio/Groo art and 2) Septic sludge is a very close
relative of Mulch. It's kind of like Mulch on steroids.  

I picked up a copy of Dick DeBartolo's "Good Days & MAD", the other day. 
I'm about half way through (Nate, here's another thing that's keeping me
from reading TWE) and those nutballs are even funnier than the magazine
they produce! I had a general idea of this and had heard a number of
stories, but if you want to get a real flavor for the eccentric genius of
William M. Gaines, not to mention "the usual gang of idiots", buy the book.

I skimmed the Chat Room archive today while I was at work (Taxes can get
excruciating) Most of the 1500 K seems to be guys logging on and off when
no one else is there. Josh, any chance of all that crud getting deleted, so
just the good stuff is left?  It's too much for my home computer. And who
was that guy back near the beginning who called himself "Groo" and says he
had more Groo stuff than anyone?  Ha!  That'll be the day.  

And by the way, TGD, about all those missing G's,  I stole them.

Take care all, GGGGGGGary GGGGGGGGGrossmann