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Re: Random Thoughts? - Fanboy and G&R

>No one seems to much want to talk about either G&R or Fanboy, which is
>fine.  I just remembered that the first mini-series conjured up quite a bit

Actually I have some ramblings on both. So here they are.

I have read the three issues of Fanboy. I think the whole idea of guest
artists working on a book about a comic fan is clever. Especially in the
latest book Finster makes mention of it being a comic book. I dunno what
they call it when a character realizes they are a character, but I am sure
there is some huge term for this (I bet an English major would know)

I always think with the amount of issues of Groo that have been done that
most major ideas or plot themes have been used. But having Rufferto go into
the future is great. I can't recall any Groo stories that had time travel in
it yet.

--Ken, a groop lurker