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Groo Merchandises suggestion to Mark

I would like to suggest to Mark E and Sergio A to be more active in Groo
merchandises such as T shirt, mugs, stickers, stationary etc. At least,
we in the groop will buy it especially Gary (sorry Gary, I've to use
your name).  Merchandises is a big business.  For example Manchester
United's sale worth million of pounds (UK currency) which made it as the
richest sport club in the world.  You can sign agreement with
manufacturer and these will be the official Groo merchandises.  maybe
you can cooperate with other groop members to produce it.  These
merchandises can be sold in comic stores around the world.   Maybe after
that, we will have Groo cartoon like  the Beavis and Butthead.  You can
cooperate with any animation companies about making Groo cartoon.  After
there is a Groo cartoon,  Groo comic sales will increase and then so the
Groo merchandises.

Groopers/Groopies, what is your opinion?