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many many 'tings

At 06:18 PM 4/13/99 +0800, you wrote:
You can
>cooperate with any animation companies about making Groo cartoon.  After
>there is a Groo cartoon,  Groo comic sales will increase and then so the
>Groo merchandises.
>Groopers/Groopies, what is your opinion?
~~~~ OK, here's an example of that suggestion going horribly awry for fans:
 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Kev Eastman & Peter Laird took a perfectly
respectable, underground, drama/sci-fi comic and turned it into the worst
cartoon ever known to man.  Made a mockery of the comic I held so dear.
(Not that the groo crew would do that, but why take any chances... with a
cartoon comes more hands in the pot, and more hands = more input from more
sources, = more chance to let it get  away.  Thank you ME for not doing it
until it can be done the way you want it.)

Eric Wrote:
How did Nate Piecoast get named "Sparky"?

~~~~ Chris Schechner said I was the "sparkplug" of the groop.

Gary Wrote:
Lets hear it for Sparky Tyrannical Urine Toast (aka Nate)  and all the work
he has done and continues to do on the Groop site.  Huzzah!!  I know its
early, but I nominate Nate for the 2000 Rufferto Groop Award.  (Gee, Nate,
if weren't always producing cool stuff for me to look at, I'd have time to
read TWE!) 

~~~~ OK.  I'll stop.  Josh, I quit.  Shane, I quit.  Ruben, no Sergiography
logo, Kev, I quit the Awards,  The HoM will be taken down this
afternoon....  OK, Gary, I'm quitting all projects for *exactly 2 hours*
starting right now... go read TWE....  I just hope everybody will take me
back in 2 hours... maybe I shouldn't have given them the opportunity to get
rid of me huh?  Guys? Please?  

~Nate P.~ Today's word of the day is "mulch" whenever you hear it, scream
real loud!
Nate Piekos            nate@piekosarts.com