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Re: Action Figure & Lunch Box.

I vote for the metal, full-color lunchbox with a lineup of the 
characters on one side and an ultra-complex fray scene on the other.  
Lots of wandering going on around the sides, naturally.  The thermos 
will look like the sage's bottle.
As for the action figures, Todd toys is acceptable (or Kenner/Hasbro 
as long as they hold to the level of detail they use on the Star Wars 
line).  Please, no Toy Biz!

finn, a definite purchaser.

>From: Ruben <ruben@infoserve.net>
>To: The Groop <Groop@Groo.com>
>Subject: Action Figure & Lunch Box.
>Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999 22:04:26 -0700
>I think that Todd Toys could do a good job on a Groo figure -- although
>I'm not really into the figures they produce, I'm pretty impressed with
>the quality of their toys.  Good detail, well designed, good likeness,
>well produced. 
>Another candidate would be Antarctic Toys, who produced the Usagi
>Yojimbo figures recently.  While I thought the body was reasonably well
>done, I was not impressed with the likeness of the Ronin's head.  
>One request: please NO variants.  I just don't like having to buy them,
>since they're an obvious grab at the dessesbo collectors out there!  And
>Gary needs the extra cash to pay for his failing septic system....
>On lunchboxes: I'm not really up on my manufacturers these days.  On one
>hand, I'd like to see them in the classic small, metal rectangular ones
>of days gone by.... or even the plastic with stuck-on decal of the 70s
>and 80s.... But I also think that ones with some innovative blow-molded
>plastic shapes would be cool.  Like one side with a 3D impression of
>Groo's face, or in the shape of Rufferto, etc. Of course, they should
>all come with a free packet of instant cheese dip!

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